The Robert Burns Association of North America (RBANA)

RBANA is an  association dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of
the life, works and  philosophy of Scotland's National Bard — Robert Burns,
and to promote Scottish culture and heritage in North America.

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While the South Jersey Celtic Society (SJCS) is a seperate
organization from RBANA; it has  a Club Membership in RBANA
and it assists RBANA with donations and its USA  membership.

You can join or renew your RBANA Membership via the SJCS
by using the on-line form below
(if succesful, you will be directed to a page for an annaul dues payment of $30)

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CAPTCHA is Numbers and Capital Letters
You can regester for the 2022 Annual Conference via the on-line form below
(there is no registration fee, but a donation of at least $10 is suggested).